Base MU Online

Description of Reset System


  • ​On our server Mu Online the system of resets works. Reset-reset all distributed points, level, experience. After reset your character will be 1st level, but with additional points for distribution.

Easy start:

  • 200 elementary stats.

The stats for the reset:

  • DK/BK, DW/SM, FE / ME get 500 distribution points for reset, MG, DL get 600 points. Ie with each new racetam this number of points is multiplied by the number of Reshetov. For example, on the 10th reset MG will have 700 * 10=7000 points for distribution. Additionally, VD gets 50 points on Command for each reset.
    Race​ Stats
    Dark Wizard [SM] 500 points per reset
    Dark Knight [BK] 500 points per reset
    Fairy Elf [ELF] 500 points per reset
    Magic Gladiator [MG] 700 points per reset
    Dark Lord [DL] 700 points per reset

Basic requirement:

  1. To be of the required level.
  2. Not to be a phenomenon (not having any Killa). Fans can't make a reset.
  3. The character must have 5 000 000 or more Zen (zen grows with each reset, i.e. 1 reset 5 000 000 zen, 2 reset 10 000 000 zen, etc.).