Base MU Online

In the open spaces of the server in the location of Lorencia, you can find a guard (137 132). Which will exchange your jewelry for POINTS. Ima you you can pump your character (Dexterity, Strength, Endurance ...)
Points that gives you a guard are given to you for a while!
Bless - 1 min.
Soul - 1 min.
Life - 1 min.
Creaton - 1min.
ATTENTION! At the end of the time that your skills have been allocated will take the initial state. The points received for the stones will be deleted automatically only your earnings will remain!

Every stone that you give to guard adds time.
You gave 1 stone get 1 min. Gave 10 in the end get 10 minutes before reset.
And if you give 100 stones you will get 100 minutes before the reset.

Below is displayed graphically: