Base MU Online


Game interface


- Left mouse button: Move, Attack, lean, or sit down 
- Right mouse button :
use skills / items 
- [Ctrl] + mouse click: another player's Attack (PK) 
- F1:
- F2: Activate General chat messages 
- F3: Activate private messages On / Off 
- F4:
resize the chat window 
- F5 : Activate messenger when a message arrives 
- F6:
Hide Muonline musenger window 
- Enter:
Open the chat window 
- Shift :
Hold character in position 
- Space bar:
automatically pick up items from the ground 
- Print Screen:
take a screenshot (the file is saved in the game folder) 
- ALT:
Show item names on the ground 
- C :
the Parameters of the character 
- I / V : Inventory 
- M: Move between locations 
- D:
automatic command Window 
- Q :
Use potion of restore health 
- W : Use potion of restore mana 
- E:
Use assigned potion 
- R:
Use assigned potion 
- F :
Open/close messenger 
- P: party Window 
- G:
Guild window 
- numbers from 1 to 9: Switch between assigned skills 
- CTRL + number 1-9: to Assign the skill to the figure 

Game commands
- /Party :
Create a Party, invite to Party (hover over the player) 
- /Guild: send a Guild request To the wizard to join the Guild (hover over the player) 
- /Trade: Trade (hover over the player) 
- /Request : Disable call party (PARTY) and trade (TRADE) 
- /Buy :
Open a personal store (hover over the player) 
- /Duel:
Invite another player to a duel (hover over the player) 

Command window
The command window can be opened by pressing the "D"key.